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If you’ve read my posts from start to finish, you realize that Bath is one of UK’s biggest contenders in the tech industry. We have plenty of angel investors from all over thinking of investing in our IT industry, namely our digital marketing, creative marketing and other avenues that involve a computer. You see, media today goes towards the Internet.

So is it feasible to do business in Bath? You’d be surprised.

Bath is near London. That’s an understatement, I mean sure my commute in college was hell, but for investors, you could always travel to London whenever you need to.

In 2011, local newspapers believed that Bath could become what San Francisco is to the United States. The trouble of flexible working spaces for start-up and established companies is fixed as of 2015. Now, plenty of companies have called Bath the home of their newest technologies, internet marketing campaigns, blogs and outsourcing.

This is great news for those from the University of Bath looking to get a job in tech.

Back in 2014, Invest Bristol & Bath had spent their first year having 30 COMPANIES guide their investment and expand in both areas. This had delivered a boom of 530 jobs in my hometown. From April 2013 to March 2014, IBB had attracted both international and local companies from low carbon, tech to advanced engineering and aerospace.

Not that they are going to build a rocket to fly to the moon in my hometown, these companies at the forefront of technological development will bring great glory to my hometown. Heavy industry has come to town. While pollution will certainly rise from years on end, these companies know the fines very well for pollution.

As of today, IBB had successfully secured 900 more jobs for Bristol and Bath as 37 new companies from the world and local investors have invested in the resources West of England has to offer.

A report from June 18, 2015 indicates that Cray Inc, a supercomputer multinational company from America had opened a branch in Bristol, which is essentially Bath’s neighbour. Meanwhile, the outlook from IBB is looking positive as it guarantees a potential to add 180 more jobs.

Maybe my hometown is the solution to the UK’s economic dwindle. Maybe we’re the ones pushing up the economy. Or maybe I’m just getting ahead of myself.

Meanwhile, ask yourself, you do have what it takes to invest in Bath for your business. If not a tech company, then maybe a tourism-based company should give you that spring-jump you need.

I myself plan to start my own business in Bath as soon as I gather enough to invest in a structure. Also, when I finally figure out what kind of work I’d like to do for the rest of my life. It may involve technology and it may involve tourism.

But again, I’m getting ahead of myself. Soon, I’ll start my own business. I do think it’s a good idea. I think you should look into this and see for yourself if Bath is definitely for you!

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Bath is a place well-known throughout as history well, for taking baths. As I’ve repeated in my other posts, Bath was a Roman Soldier and Citizen’s paradise. It was a place where everyone used the public baths to relax themselves after working on their favourite art, toiling in the farm or wherever. Of course, public baths are clean because the world was less-polluted in the past (today, Bath is quite polluted too, sadly).

But there’s more to Bath than just baths. Here are four places I’d recommend to you if it’s your first time getting here!

  1. The Roman Baths

These Roman Baths still exist in the city and they look great as ever. The new people managing the sites have expertise on Palladian structures, particularly the way of thinking that came into creating, maintaining and fixing the structural troubles the baths may have in the future.

Located in the modern street level, you have the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the Museum that has some things belonging from the early Roman Baths. These are an assortment of bathing equipment and materials, specifically useful for historical knowledge.

Bath’s water comes from the ground. Then, it travels through limestone aquifers (built by the Romans too), which increases its heat. The pressure allows them to rise to the surface, passing the creases and fissures in limestone towards the bath. Pretty awesome huh?

The problem is beating the crowds. The best time to get in is in the evening. That’s the time I get in!

  1. The Royal Crescent

In 1767 and 1774, a budding architect named John Wood the Younger built a beautiful addition to Bath’s landscape. Inspired by Georgian architecture practiced post-Palladian practices, John Wood built The Royal Crescent. It’s a row of 30 terraced houses that could only be found in my hometown. It’s over 230 years old. And again, caretakers are at it, understanding Georgian architecture and know how to maintain it.

Failyr close to Victoria park, ‘The Crescent’ has a ditch that is on the inner side that is faced with stone while the other is turfed, making them essentially visible but beautiful. It was designed so that people can still see the beauty of The Royal Crescent From The Royal Victoria Park.

These houses are owned by a housing association. The terraced house, known as Number 1, is a historic house museum maintained by the Bath Preservation Trust. It showcased how the rich lived and furnished their houses during the era at one point in modern times. Today, it’s an awesome hotel with tourists raving all about how good the service is.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to experience it myself. But I bet it’s awesome!

  1. Fashion Museum

If you want a piece of France but landed in Bath and the United Kingdom instead, you won’t be disappointed with the culture my hometown could offer you.

Located in the Assembly Rooms, Doris Langley Moore’s donation of dresses for men, women and children from the 16th century in 1963 had created this landmark and today, a tourist attraction.

Independent fashion experts select clothes for entry into this part of the collection on a regular basis. Pieces included embroidered shirts and gloves from the 1600s. These are preserved carefully by caretakers.

Known designers who had contributed to the museum include Giorgio Armani, Mary Quant, John bates, Donatella Versace and others.

Oh, and did I tell you you could dress yourself up in the clothing under supervision? Yup. Definitely a great experience!

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I remember that time in my life I was travelling from Oldfield Park in Bath to attend college in London. You might say that London colleges were overrated, but during my time, these colleges were quite affordable and had top-notch education.

However, it didn’t mean that we didn’t have to cut some loose ends. We had to budget the money we had when it came to my studying and living expenses. This meant I couldn’t get any dormitories and I was to commute daily from Bath to London. A friend of mine allowed me to stay at his place so that cut me out two days from my daily grind to London from Bath.

The earliest train travels at 6am and it comes back at around 7:30.pm. It can be quite a struggle, I know. But hey, at least everyone knows it’s possible. Why 6am? Well, the travel time goes about four hours from Bath, so it’s not really a great idea if you’re catching late. But if you plan carefully, you could just succeed.

My friend was nice enough to let me keep some spare clothing in his room. About six years ago, I was actually watching some cartoons and series to keep myself busy. Sometimes, I just sleep in the train as long as I’m with somebody I know who would keep an eye on me.

Bring a jacket. Sometimes, you could get a 5-degree variation in temperature. You might be comfy with Bath’s temperature, but you might walk right into a morgue once you reach London. This was why leaving clothing in my friend’s dorm is advantageous for me.

I saved lots of money by splitting my ticket between Bath and Didcot. This is because apparently, I wasn’t the only one in on the idea in the train. In fact, many other people take the same route.

In fact, It made me realise it was an everyday thing for most of us.

So from Bath to Didcot, I travel to London from Didcot. I am sold a ticket half the price because it’s at off-peak hours. This also works vice-versa.

When commuting, you see all kinds of people around you. You see people who are engaged in conversation so early in the morning. You also see people who are the same as me; prepared to travel long, and sleep long, especially during tired nights.

But you must say, it’s not easy especially if you’re coming from Bath and then you discover that the train line has some trouble. Lucky for me, my friend allows me to stay in his dorm for a while, given the permission of his landlord.

Then again, if you really want something, you do something about it. During those times, I stayed overnight at coffee shops barely getting sleep and then attending class the following day. It was difficult but it was for the best. I mean, I wanted to get my degree.

And now, I’m about and travelling everywhere I want from London to Bath. Not on the line though. I now have two homes.

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Hey there, I’m Tom Rosewood. Yes, I know. You know me from the About me section of this page. Of course, I told you more about Bath rather than myself.

Today, I’m at 26 years old and I have lived my entire life in Bath. Before, I was earning keeps for myself as a programmer in London. I’ve been sent to different places in the United Kingdom, namely Liverpool, New Hampshire and more. Right now, I’m in New Hampshire. Every weekend, I visit home because I tend to get homesick.

Yes, I do. I love Bath.

I love the architecture I’ve seen during my time. It never grows old even when it’s already about more than a hundred-years-old. Bath’s architecture was the contribution of Palladian architects, masonry brotherhoods that focused primarily on building structured during and post Roman-civilisation.

In a way, we’re part Roman throughout history.

However, it doesn’t mean that Bath’s external aged appearance keeps in in the past. I want to tell you that this is not a backwater city.

In fact, IT is the main breadwinner of the entire commercial district of the city. Our GVA had reached £38,500 in 2012. We’re proud of that. Despite our ancient appearance, at least our city is great with creative digital products, IT services and other website-management and tech-based businesses and investments.

Bath’s nightlife is as awesome as what you’ll get in London. Hey, I’ve been to London and I know how awesome it is. However, the city doesn’t sleep. In the city centre, you’ve got the Theatre Royal.

The Royal hosts a year-round program of events that include musicals, dance comedy and drama. It definitely showcases the culture of Bath in a fitting manner, one that is tasteful, insightful and artistic.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to think too much or you’ve visited The Holbourne Museum in the morning, it’s better that you get to The Little Theatre Cinema. It is an independent cinema that’s open for the rest of the night and day and you could watch all the latest movies!

Nightlife in bath has its own share of night stand-up comedians. If you’re used to the thrill of the Euro nightlife, you’ve got different restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs to make your experience in bath the liveliest and most modern it can be.

But then again, you could always spend a day or two camping out with friends. You could also take the shortest route to Stonehenge from our city. Yes, see the amazing architecture our forefathers built without any modern technologies existing today.

And yes! There are modern spas that exist today. Bath is named as such because Roman soldiers and citizens used public spas spread throughout the city to relax after a hard day’s work. Some of Bath’s elder bathing structures can charge heftily, but they offer the classic spa that Romans had about a hundred years ago. Modern spas, which use modern structures as well, offer you the latest massage and spa treatments the world could give you. These include Shiatsu and Swedish Massages.

Anyway, I hope my little introduction to Bath Somerset hadn’t spoiled your fun and got you thinking to visit my hometown. If you’re going this weekend I’m actually headed there myself! Let’s see each other if you have time, okay?


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